Monday, May 25, 2020

Mind meld

I might have been a little bleary and half asleep.

Wait, let's go back a step.

Have you ever seen Star Trek? It's a science fiction TV show about, oh, sorry, right. You said yes.

Excellent. So much easier.

Well there's this thing that Spock does. Spock is a character on Star Trek who...

Right, right, great. You know Spock. Excellent.

So he does this thing called the Vulcan Mind Meld. It's, like, a Vulcan telepathic cultural sort of thing. He puts his hand with a deliberate, unusual spreading of the fingers on someone's face and they form a telepathic link.

In the middle of the night last night I strangely woke up with my hand on my face very much in the formation of one doing a Vulcan Mind Meld. If felt oddly comfortable, though it was also most curious. I left my hand as it was and I thought "This is just like Spock's hand doing a Vulcan Mind Meld!"

And then I thought excitedly "I can tell what I'm thinking!"

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