Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wisdom of the birds

Here is a bird:

As we have established I have a new camera with a very strong zoom on it. If we hadn't established that I suppose the above picture would. I have never been as close to a robin as this picture suggests I was just this morning. I was not this close to a robin. Yet nevertheless, here in this picture, we both are indeed this close to a robin.

It is very... interesting.

And I learned my very first wildlife photography lesson as well. It turns out it might be a lesson for life as well, but only for wise people, so not usually the sort of thing I'm all, you know, in to.

When I saw an animal today on my photo expedition I would try and inch my way as close as I could to it. I have a very strong zoom, yes, but the closer one is the easier it is to get a good picture. So I see the robin above. I get my camera all ready. And slowly I make my way towards him.

But he dances away!

So I inch on up. I squat down. I quietly move forward a little.

And off he hops!

This went on a few times. It wasn't actually very fun. So I gave it up.

I squatted down in the grass. I found the robin. I zoomed in. I watched him eat a worm. I took a picture or two just because. I watched him frolic about. He moved a lot. I was surprised by how active he was. 

I just sat there for awhile.

And then the robin came to me.


  1. Peter: My favorites are the poppy (a la Georgia O'Keefe) The bird close-up and the graffito under the bridge

    1. Thanks for telling me Richard. I mean, "Mysterious stranger of the Internet". I will pass it along to this "Peter" (am I saying it right). I will try to photograph bridge graffiti of birds done in the style of Georgia O'Keefe.


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