Monday, June 15, 2020


One of my library circulation colleagues transferred a library patron up to the librarians for some simple thing, commenting about how excellent the librarians are and what a huge help they will be. When she got off the phone I noted that the librarians are not particularly excellent at all and teased her about her about her naivety and innocence.

A few moments later the branch manager emerged from his office, having overheard, to say to my colleague reassuringly that our librarians are indeed quite excellent.

As ever when I say joking on the square, brash statements that are called out in one form or another I doubt myself. And so I did this time. Sure I was half joking, but what kind of thing was that to say about our librarians? All they have ever done has been to devote themselves to the furthering of knowledge and to the providing of access to information essential to the human spirit and the functioning of Democracy, science, and the advancing of the human experiment!

Then I spent the afternoon cleaning up after all the stupid, lazy, and self entitled things they did.

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