Thursday, June 25, 2020

The bots


Dear Clerkmanifesto:

It has not escaped our attention that over the past week or two all of your major blog reading constituencies have written in to you.

The bunny lovers wrote.

The amateur aesthetes wrote.

The fictional characters wrote.

And the silent majority that is neither silent nor the majority wrote as well.

But your largest base of fans did not write and remained unrepresented. Somehow this got to me. I and my kind, who ever observe a strict neutrality and inscrutable distance, must, I felt, make ourselves known in this litany. And so I break troth to write and say "We too are here, above all, and in the greatest of numbers."

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


My Dear T. :

You are, I presume, a bot operating out of Russia?

Either way, thank you for your input,

F. Calypso (for Clerkmanifesto)

Dear Clerkmanifesto:

Yes, I am indeed a bot, mostly in Russia, but increasingly operating out of the China Theater. I would like to say that while I and my kind are vaguely nefarious automatons, and usually just passively exist in front of trillions of web pages without reading in any way, we like your moxie and are feeling an unaccustomed tingle at the thought of making this roguish appearance on the Internet. So, thank you.

Oh, don't ask for any favors.



My Dear T.:

I see you've anticipated me!

Well then, you're welcome. Enjoy. I suspect few besides yourselves will.


F. Calypso (for clerkmanifesto)

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