Sunday, July 26, 2020

Art gallery in the wild

Yet another of my photography experiments, these are what I think of as paintings in the wild. Maybe they're self explanatory. We'll have a real little gallery for you today.

I'm probably ready to get more talkative soon, but first... pictures!

Many of these pictures will not be super blurry. This should not be seen as indicative of the standard of my work which I find to be much more consistently blurry. I've chosen carefully so as to look like a more impressive photographer. I'm keeping the pictures a little smaller than usual to make their flaws less noticeable. It's a work in progress.

I'll start with the one I like best:

The thing I really like about this above is how it shows the brilliance of Van Gogh. The verisimilitude of his flowers are only more apparent against real ones.

I like the little and big of all this I guess. 

This might be too much, with all the framing.

I didn't pick these flowers. I was hiking on the river and found them piled on a rock outcrop over the river. It felt like they'd been killed just for me!

Maybe this one should be larger because it's a bit hard to see.

I really wish this one turned out better. I may try again. 

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  1. These are fascinating. I'm glad that you have this outlet for your creativity, since I know it's not universally appreciated at your workplace.


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