Monday, July 20, 2020


After 2,750 or so blog posts it suddenly occurs to me, this is not a confessional sort of blog. I suppose it's there sometimes, that confessional quality, if you feel like looking under all the curlicues, or if you catch clerkmanifesto on just the right sort of day, and you have an open heart, but mostly we're pretty busy here with a whole lot of...

other things.

But right now I am feeling very sad.

I'm having a mostly terrible time navigating my way through working in a poorly run library in a pandemic. I've never been so unhappy at my job. I don't see leaving my job any time soon for a whole bunch of reasons. But I'm a little too mad all the time, and upset, and tired, and really... sad. 

So I think I need to be a little bit quiet for a few days and do some working it out.

This isn't a confessional sort of blog.

Lately I started taking a kind of picture I call "framed". You already saw one in an earlier post, a couple of times actually, of a dead beetle. Here it is again to give you the idea, third time is the charm:

That's the general concept I'm experimenting with, though maybe not so... dead.

So I think maybe I'll share some of these framed pictures with you for the next few days. 

Maybe I'll say things and maybe I won't. They're really just a work in progress...

Here are a couple of the first tries to get you started:


  1. I wish I could say something helpful. I'll just say that I'm out here, I read the blog every day, and if it weren't here, I'd miss it. Take care of yourself. I'm sorry the library is so crappy for you.

    1. Thanks. That's really nice of you to say. I'm maybe five days on from writing this post and am doing a bit better.


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