Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Favorite color

Because I sometimes write about the visual arts here on clerkmanifesto people are always asking me "What's your favorite color?"

That's nice.

 I like questions so much I sometimes make them up just so I can answer them.

My favorite color?

This, I guess:

Or sometimes this color. There's overlap.

A couple days ago one of my top five favorite YouTubers, or, wait, let me put that the right way:

The greatest YouTuber there is (with there being five greatest YouTubers of all time), Captain Disillusion, did a video about color.

I learned that color is a fiction. 

And that Isaac Newton was smarter than...

everyone ever?

And the rest of it I basically didn't understand.

But the main point is that this: 

Is all in our heads.

And this:


And this too:

Are all in our heads.

But then, what isn't?

I guess I'm still trying to work that out. 

Some things are all in our heads. Some things aren't.

Sometimes that's an important question.

Sometimes it isn't.

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