Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Wound reveal update!


For our regular readers here on clerkmanifesto you will know that we are in the midst of an exciting blog challenge. If in the next three days we reach ONE MILLION subscribers to clerkmanifesto we will show a genuine picture of the injury I sustained to under my nail on my right pointer finger. This is the very same injury that was written about in blogpost number 2,863, "A Sad Tale of Injury". As the regular readers will also know there was an unprecedented interest in this wound, and dozens of questions have been asked about it (and answered!) already. For instance:

"do you use ice?"

To which I answered:

"No. Brrrr. It snowed here this morning!"

If, however, you are new to this blog some of this might be confusing. 

I would explain it but for the following five points:

1. I don't know how to explain it, which is one of the curious limitations of clerkmanifesto.

2. I already did explain it in the first paragraph, which seems to contradict point number one, and yet both are nevertheless actually true (see point number one for an explanation of this curious dynamic!)

3. The chance that you, a new person, read past the third sentence of this post is so statistically low that it would be a mockery of probability studies to act as if you are still here and actually try and explain all of this.

4. Plus, see point one.

5. Actually, see all five points as they are all relevant to the issue.

Which, of course, leaves just us.

So let's check in on our number of subscribers. Yesterday we were at 37 email subscribers to clerkmanifesto. We are trying to get 999,963 more. And today we are at...


Why is that number so familiar?

Oh. That can't be right. It doesn't make sense at all!

Wait here everybody, I'll go call the Internet and see what's wrong.

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