Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Fitting in in America

I just want to fit in in America. But I'm having a little trouble keeping up. And there were some official changes in the past week, so let me see if I have the new plan straight.

I no longer have to fear and despise black people.

I don't have to resent the Mexicans and Central Americans, working on the fancy houses near my Apartment, for stealing American jobs.

I should stop tsking disapprovingly at the gay and transgender people I work with.

I'm supposed to wear a mask of some kind when I go out in public.

When I see a policeman beating or murdering someone I no longer have to think that policeman is just a bad apple and that the victim probably had it coming anyway.

I am allowed to believe global climate change is real and dangerous.

And, finally, as a Jew, I no longer have to drink the blood of sacrificed Christian children.

Which is such a relief. I hate drinking blood.


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