Saturday, November 7, 2020

User survey

What do we get for filling out the user survey?

Wait, we get something for taking part in the user survey. I want to know too!

I'm confused. How do you fill out the user survey?

I don't understand. It seems like you're doing pretty good so far.

No, but, aren't there supposed to be questions, or like a multiple choice form we fill out or something?

Oh, I see. No, it's not a user survey, it's a user survey. 

A user survey?

Yes. You're surveying me to get a general idea of my experience with this website and how it's working for me.

Er, don't we kind of get that every day through your posts on the blog?

Right, right. I see your point. I knew there was something off about this idea.

Maybe you would like to try surveying the users instead?

Yes, great, excellent idea. Thanks. More like a user survey than a user survey, eh? Would you be willing to answer some questions about your experience here then?

Sure, probably. What do we get for filling out the user survey?

Oh no. I'm not falling for that one again!

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