Sunday, November 22, 2020

Very specific photography requests

Adding pictures to my blog was an experimental side project. And I've been enjoying it. It has also been extremely popular. Not popular in the sense of bringing new readers to clerkmanifesto. Nor popular in the sense of causing more comment, praise, or fame. And not popular in the sense of people liking it. But you know what I mean, popular

And when one gets overwhelmed with a surge of popularity like this one does try, within reason, to meet some of that popularity as one can. And that is why today I have opened up my blog today to your photography requests.

I will do my best to provide photos as you request them today. I don't have pictures of everything, but I'll try to come up with something as close as possible to your requests. So go ahead and tell me what you want to see today.

Hey Clerkmanifesto!

Long time reader, I mean, I read a couple of your posts once. Funny. I would like to see a picture of a pumpkin floating in water. Thanks.


Interesting idea Nigel. Okay, coming right up:


Yeah, I've got one. Could I see a bridge? Over a river I guess, maybe with a pumpkin floating in it?


Thanks for writing in Duncan. I happen to have a bridge picture. I hope this works for you!

Hi Clerkmanifesto,

Love your blog and look forward to reading it someday. I'd kind of like to see a picture of clouds, maybe reflected in a river, with, say, a moody sort of a pumpkin floating in it.

Thanks, I'll take my answer off the air!


Sure Ruth, I've got one of those!


I'm loving this photo request thing today, but so far it's a lot of pumpkins! I'd like to spice it up (no pun intended, maybe!). How about some tree branches. Reflected in a river. Um, well, with a pumpkin floating in it, but otherwise different because of the tree branches.



Right Brenda, tree branches coming right up!

Hi Clerkmanifesto,

I'm really excited to be on your blog finally! I really like what people are requesting so far, but I have sort have been thinking of pumpkins that are more translucent somehow than those in your pictures. Do you have any more like that, maybe floating in a river?

This is fun!


Hey Cassius,

Love your choice and happen to have something that fits the bill. I hope you like it and that you had fun being on my blog!


I got super excited when I saw Cassius's request because it was just the sort of thing I was hoping to see a picture of too. But somehow I pictured the pumpkin floating in the river to be slightly more translucent than it turned out to be. 

Can you do something more like that?


Hey Brent, glad you weighed in. I do like to think I have a bit more translucent pumpkin picture, but translucent gets pretty subjective. So I especially hope this one works better for you. Thanks for writing in.

Dear Clerkmanifesto:

Wow, I feel like you've covered a lot of different subject matters and I must say, I am impressed! But the joker in me wants to throw you a curve, so how about this: Do you have a picture of a hollowed out pumpkin floating down the Mississippi? That would be kind of cool to see.

Don't feel bad if you can't come up with it.


Hey Terrance, thanks for the nice note. I'm sorry, but you're right. I just can't come up with any pictures of a pumpkin floating in, HA! Got ya! What's this one?!:

Okay, last letter for the day. Make it a good one guys!

Hey Clerk!

I'm a regular commenter, first time viewer though. It's kind of fun to get to ask for a picture of absolutely anything I can think of! I suppose you're thinking the joke is that I'll ask for a picture of a pumpkin floating on the Mississippi River. Do pumpkins even float?

 Anyway, if they do, I'd love to see one floating on the Mississippi. 



Hey to you Horace. Interesting request that oddly reminds me of where we started, so a fitting end to our photo journey. Here you go:

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