Monday, May 31, 2021

1.3 then?

Though I have broached the subject of an evolved iteration of Clerkmanifesto, a Clerkmanifesto 2.0, so to speak, I'm not sure I have spoken clearly about it, just in case anyone was interested.

No, I know. I was just speaking hypothetically. Someone could be interested. 

I mean, if people existed, somewhere, who were interested, other than you. So, then, I'm keeping them up to date. You're just sort of along for the ride.

You can roll down the window and admire the countryside.

So here's what's happening:

1. Clerkmanifesto is a blog on Google's blogger platform (don't worry, I only half understand what that means as well).

2. Google's support for "Blogger" seems to be withering before my eyes because I'm pretty sure they're strictly interested in new, shiny things and in very big things that make them zillions of dollars (I call them as I see them). Blogger is decidedly neither.

3. And while we're at it, I'd like for Clerkmanifesto to be able to spread its wings a little more after all these years, like a butterfly, to incorporate the widening scope of this blog.

4. This creates a situation where I am simultaneously running for my life and evolving into something different and, hopefully, better.

Thus, Clerkmanifesto 2.0!

What does this mean for you?

Who knows for sure. But...

1. I hope to migrate email notification so you will still get emails, if that's how you read this. They may look different.

2. If you visit here,, you'll probably be able to do so for awhile (a year, two?), but once 2.0 is official you'll probably want to go there instead. I'll try to make it not hurt.

3. Yes, this "2.0" already has a new web address and name. It's not clerkmanifesto. I will wait to reveal that name when we are ready for visitors. I am in just the early parts of building it right now, and though functionally it exists on the Internet, it's like a pit in the ground where I'm working out how to pour the foundation properly.


1. I am thinking of this as a Summer project, but I honestly don't know what it will take. The first big benchmark for the project is to get to a basic fundamental working website roughly how I want it to function. At that point I will reveal the name and invite you over to it. This stage will be a kind of early access where input would be deeply appreciated, and where I can iron out the kinks, refine, and fill in the content (much of it from the vast history of clerkmanifesto), and migrate subscribers. Maybe this can happen by the end of October?

2. Early access and clerkmanifesto will run simultaneously. The new site will at some point then become official and almost everything will redirect over there, though this site (clerkmanifesto) should remain functional and even somewhat active (in a duplicate way) as long as it is feasible and there is any point to it.

I'll keep you updated. 

1 comment:

  1. Damn.

    Sorry. I try to watch my language, but today's post ... makes me anxious. Or something.

    A long time ago I had more than a decade of financial records in Microsoft Money. It was wonderful .Then MS decided to de-activate MS Money. They even came into my computer and screwed things up. I think I might be able to find it again, but it would be read-only, not functional.

    I created the essential parts in an elaborate spreadsheet in Excel. It worked for years until I a) moved here, and b) got a new laptop. It works, but it's, you know, just DIFFERENT somehow. I never really got it going again.

    I also, many years ago, scanned about 9000 old family pictures and organized them with tags involving names and locations. And the program I was using was pulled right out from under me. For a long time I knew how to find the pictures, but the tags were missing. Now I'm not even sure about the pictures. [I think they are in my old laptop.]

    And now, if I understand your post, I'm likely to lose my blog, unless I figure out how to do something that I'm very unlikely to figure out. Sic transit gloria mundi.


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