Thursday, May 6, 2021

Dear Clerkmanifesto: a request


A reader writes in:

Dear Clerkmanifesto:

Yesterday you wrote about flowers. There was a lot of talk about photographing flowers. You went on about cultivated flowers vs. wildflowers. There was quite a bit concerning flower gardeners, their virtues and their hard work. The nature of flowers came into the discussion. You also specifically mentioned daffodils, dandelions, magnolias, tulips, and cosmos.

I'm just saying there was an awful lot about flowers and taking pictures of flowers.

Then, after all the talking about flowers you showed 47 pictures of robins!!!!

So my question is: Do you have any pictures of turkeys?



Dear Leroy,

Thank you for your request. Funnily enough when I was out taking pictures of robins I saw three turkeys! I got one marginally decent picture of one of them, then, cleverly, I went up the street and crouched down in a secret place anticipating their path, camera at the ready.

They decided to disappear into someone's backyard instead.

Leroy, never try to get too tricky with turkeys, okay?



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