Monday, May 10, 2021

Exciting illness updates


Devoted readers who have been following this blog as far back as yesterday will be well aware that I have had a strong reaction to my Shingles vaccine, round one in a two-dose vaccination.

I don't have shingles!

I am just super tired and kind of sick as my body builds resistance to the scourge of shingles.

Wait, what is shingles exactly? You ask, or you might ask, if it turns out you're a person who wonders what shingles is exactly.

I don't know what it is exactly. But roughly it's when you have chickenpox and then it lives in your nerves forever, because that's what it does, and then when you're older it can reactivate in you as shingles, a painful band of rash, on one's torso usually, but sometimes on one's face.

Hey, what a nice name for a band:

The Shingles! Band of rash!

I can hear their strange music now.

It makes me want to take another nap.


  1. I have a cousin who had shingles, and from what I hear it is something you do NOT want, so good for you getting the jabs. I was very lucky to avoid any side effects.
    Glad you're taking care of yourself!

    1. Thanks. Yes, sounds bad. Stay tuned. I am working right now on the exciting conclusion to what I am calling "The Illness Trilogy".

      "Exciting" might not be the accurate word here.

  2. Hate to bring this up, but was this your first shingles shot? Don't you have to take two, a couple of months apart?

    If this was your second, or you don't need a second, good for you.

    If you DO need a second one, sorry to have raised the subject.

    You'll be fine.

    1. No, it was first. Yes, I have to get another. I'll try to clear my schedule.


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