Thursday, May 13, 2021

I reveal whose side I'm on


Along the river where I sometimes walk someone posted a rough sign to a pole. It read:

Protective mother coyote in area with pup, watch your dogs.


I know that coyote! 

She was pregnant? No one told me she was pregnant. Or that she was a female coyote. Or anything.

When I saw the sign I got super excited. I started wildly looking around for the coyote and her pup like they must be right around me somewhere very nearby. I'm pretty sure seeing that fabulous coyote, with her pup, wandering in the Mississippi River gorge, would be one of the greatest wildlife sightings I ever could have in the city.

But I didn't see any coyote. 

I didn't see a coyote puppy. 

I tried not to get too sad about it. I'm just glad there will be a new generation of coyotes in the neighborhood...river...area. I don't know that the local turkeys are as excited about the prospect though.

I thought about the sign. Was the poster of it concerned the coyote might eat the dogs?

People should feel honored to have the coyote eat their dogs!

Well, perhaps that's taking it a little far.


  1. Same here! It's denning season, so people walking their dogs in the preserve have had lots of aggressive coyotes approach when they otherwise would casually go about their day. It seems logical that people can walk their dogs elsewhere and let the coyotes be.

    1. Or they could just get a cat for a pet! Then no need to walk a dog anywhere.

      Just an idea I thought... I'd... float.


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