Saturday, May 15, 2021

In the spirit of compromise


It has been noted that my politics can be... overwrought. 

But in the end I really do believe in the spirit of compromise. I am willing and eager to bring to the table fresh ideas that address the concerns of all parties in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

That is why when the Democratically controlled Minnesota House passed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, something I strongly support, but the Republican Senate vowed that they will absolutely not pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, I only focused on how we can come through this deep disagreement together.

I did not say harsh things against Republicans and their opinions, despite disagreeing with them. And I did not over value the Democratic opinions I agree with.

I came up with a solution. It's very simple, and I think everyone will be happy with it.

Going forward recreational marijuana will be legal for registered Democrats and a felony of registered Republicans. 

This seems fair for everyone concerned.


  1. Ha! I love it! That's a great solution! Please tell your friends in MN that out here in CA where recreational pot is legal, the sky has not fallen. Because there are no statistics showing it was a bad move the anti-pot people have moved on to other things.

    1. You should arrest those Republican people who have moved on to other things!!!

      On the other hand, maybe everybody just thinks the sky hasn't fallen because you are all stoned.

      It's all so complicated!


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