Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Maybe, wishes


Today at my job at the library I was briefly gifted with a magical power: I could read minds. 

I don't know how this happened, or why. All I know is that I was doing some menial task and, like with the cartoon light bulb, I suddenly knew that for the next half hour I would be able to read people's minds. 


I figured I better take this skill out for a spin. I had to be six feet from the person whose mind I was trying to read. So I wandered into the proximity of a co-worker who was looking at a book on Amazon about a liver and gall bladder cleanse diet.

"Maybe wishes really do come true." She was thinking.

This was pretty neat! I read her mind.

A librarian walked by with an armful of books.

"Maybe wishes really do come true." He thought.

I was less excited now. 

I headed out to where patrons were working on the computers. A man in a red shirt was looking at some kind of sports website. He was thinking:

"Maybe wishes really do come true."


"Maybe my mind reading is broken?" I wondered.


But just as I knew I could read minds I knew my mind reading wasn't broken. I tested it on the county navigator person staring into space with nothing to do. Yes, they were also thinking "Maybe wishes really do come true." I could hear it clear as a bell.

I guessed that was about as much entertainment as I was going to be getting from my miraculous skill. A mile wide and an inch deep. So I went over to a work computer. There wasn't much to do. I looked into space for a long time.

And then I thought it too.

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