Sunday, May 23, 2021

My favorite day


My favorite day once was October 27th. I was born on that day. But a couple decades into that preference I took stock of the presents and results of that day and found that I may have been rash. Eventually I even came to where I might have even thought October 27th had come out particularly badly, though I have made some headway on that. But at the very least, for all the personal hype about the day, it had some serious issues.

I mean... life. You may put your own spin on the thing, be thankful, love it, all those famous approaches, but any reasonable person has to see some of the profound structural problems involved.

Luckily for me May 23rd came along, not only taking care of so many grave concerns I had with October 27, but it is an absolute wonder on its own. 

I mean, just look. Look at all the flowers...

No. I don't have any pictures. It's a metaphor.

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