Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Today I am here to sing the praises of texting!

I never thought I would like texting. But now that I have a phone I am surprisingly fond of it. It has connected me with old friends in a way that all the pseudo magical garbage of the Internet never quite did. I think it might be the low floor of quality it requires. I'm so tired of all this quality. Not everything can be as good as this blog you're reading!  I need a super low point of entry. Writing Grape an email always demanded coherent sentences, or a reason for a message. Texting is not like that. Texting is free. Texting is 'it's the thought that counts' because anything more significant requires tedious thumbwork. 

Watch, I'll text him now:

Oh, right, I don't have a way to show you my text.

Maybe if you gave me your number I could text it?

The point is though, that I texted him. It took four seconds, and much like sending my other friend Jim a picture of cheese at a grocery store, it was the thought that counted. And I barely even had to think the thought! I didn't worry if they liked it. I am not waiting for a response. I require no thanks. It was merely a microsecond of hanging out on my terms. I don't really have a lot of minutes or hours or days or years I am keen to bandy about, but microseconds? I'm still willing to spend microseconds freely.

Sure, seize the moment! Live for today. Reach for the stars. But there's plenty of time for a text first: 

Hey friend, am reaching for stars now.


  1. Hello. Grape here! I received FC's text and I texted back. He is a stalwart when it comes to texting. Roookie of the year! Nvereind the authocorrect or anyting like that! He's good! Also, if you want me to text you plz send your number via code on your local obituary, like in the spey thrillers!

    1. Thanks for the kind compliments! Are the spey thrillers the ones where cats and dogs have their reproductive rights mysteriously stolen?

  2. I sometimes get texts on my phone. They are usually something like "You have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Reply YES if you plan to show up."

    Which is fine, except I don't know how to reply.

    You are very inspiring.

    1. I am thinking it is a pretty old phone then. A new fancy expensive phone though may turn out to be overkill for texting "yes" to your dentist. It all depends on one's priorities I suppose.

    2. It's a couple of years old. AS an act of self-defense, I had all the stuff that requires the Internet turned off. So I don't pay for them.

      Think of it as a well phone that rides in my pocket, when I remember it.


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