Monday, June 28, 2021

Begging week

Hello, and welcome to begging week on Clerkmanifesto!

This is day one! 

There are going to be seven days, all concerned with begging. I will be begging you.

Before we get into the begging discussion I'd like to get right into my first day's first beg:

Please, please fill out this survey on the "Forms" page at Life is a Fountain. I beg of you!

Did you do it?


No, I understand that everyone is different. 

 There is only one beg per day during Begging Week. And it's over.

But can I just say:

Almost everything you see on the Internet, almost every email you receive, and almost every clickable link you see, is just a beg.

So do I want special credit for this act of honesty. Do I hope for a boon for being upfront about that which is so normally hidden?

No, my quiet, noble heroism is its own reward.

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