Monday, July 5, 2021

And so it begins


We are now overlapping posts with the Life is a Fountain Newsletter, and except for this introduction they will have the same content. As soon as I get a sense that everything is working, these posts will go into hiatus. 

You may hear from Clerkmanifesto on special occasions in the future.

And so it begins,

With this you will start regularly receiving selections from Life is a Fountain.

Life is a Fountain? You know, it's that thing I've been...

Right right. Excellent!

Today I am featuring the Art page, and if this letter leaves you wanting more, hit the link below:
Frida Kahlo in Arles, I guess
I think someone once cut up a Picasso to sell square inches of it. That may be an apocryphal story. But the way I remember it is that the issue ended up in court, and it turned out some court somewhere said

You can't go cutting up Picassos!!!!!

Which means there is a limit to how much any person can own a piece of art.

Which oddly seems to mean I can cut up a Frida Kahlo painting and glue it a Van Gogh.

I mean, as long as I do it digitally. 

Here are a couple along the same idea, though set in my library:

From here I become increasingly less elegant. I'm oddly fond of this one below, but it needs a lot more work.


One nice thing I find as I go around cutting up everything; Van Goghs, The Little Prince, Dr. Seuss, Frida Kahlo, is just how wonderful it all is. There's such strength and life in these images. And if what I'm doing is disrespectful. or illegal, or frivolous, well, okay. But I like how even in the most absurd situations so much of the work, so much of their art, still shines through.

A Van Gogh really is beautiful.

And Elvis happily standing in one doesn't really change that.


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