Sunday, July 4, 2021

Begging Week, Day Seven, Independence Day

I'll be right up front about it:

Please check out 

Life is a Fountain

Unlike my previous six requests of begging week, all of which went to specific pages of Life is a Fountain, today's link will take you to the home page. You may have been there when I asked you to go early on, or maybe you went there on your own journey. But over the course of this week the front page has changed a great deal, looks far better, and features more rotating content. 

Plus, if you go there, you might catch sight of the cat!

Yes, still green.

So for one last time, check it out

Now, for the good news; I will leave you alone. Oh, things will still come to your email. You can read what you want. You can click whatever links appeal to you, but you don't have to interact with anything. I will ask for no more favors.

Thanks to whoever among you filled out my forms and went to pages just because I asked. That was kind and helpful.

But now, Begging Week is done.

Independence Day is here.

And Life is a Fountain.

Life is a Fountain?

Isn't it?

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