Friday, September 24, 2021

Fall has come!


Grab your broomstick. Get your cat. The chill wind blows, raising hackles. 

Shuffle your feet through dead leaves. Hear their crunch and hear their cackles. 

Forget your courage,  have some fear.

My favorite time of year is here!

Stock your house with giant candies, delicious or poison, as you please. Listen to the wind howl and moan and wheeze. 

Glowing green and oozing purple, 

Pumpkin patches, eye of turtle. 

Life is here and death is there, and just between them, thin, transparent, sickly tall 

like a ghost, 

stands Fall. 

Crooked, black, smiling true, one tooth missing, now two.

A gathered host. Smells of coffee. Smells like toast.

A pall. A call.

The fourth wall.

Fall fall fall.

Trees are burning, time is short. 

Summer's over, grow a wart.

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