Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas picture


Hmm. Christmas.

Nope. I got nothing. 

You're probably not even reading this on Christmas because on Christmas Day you are too busy opening presents.

"Oh, another present for me." You might exclaim. "But my fingers are so exhausted from unwrapping so many already!"

Or so I imagine.

We don't celebrate Christmas in my house. We celebrate a Middle Eastern holiday called "Hanukkah" (spelling varies).

Except we don't celebrate Hanukkah. So to put it more simply: Hanukkah is the seasonal holiday we don't celebrate in our house, not Christmas. 

So we're missing out on way less than, say, a person not celebrating Christmas. So there's that.

Come to think of it we don't really celebrate any regular holidays at all. We don't need to celebrate holidays. We get high on life!

Though I may also have a stiff drink tonight.

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