Friday, December 31, 2021

Emily and the glamorfizication of Paris


There has been a fair bit of "Emily in Paris" watching over these holidays in my house. It seems better than braving the ice strewn and bitter sidewalks of Saint Minneapolis in order to experience "real life". And we don't want to travel somewhere nice for fear of catching the disease thing that's been going around this season, 

and the last one, 

and the one before that, 

and one more before that,

and during the entire previous year to that.

So there's Paris on the screen. And it looks super nice.

We were in Paris not that many years ago and also thought it looked very nice in person. 

But on the screen something seemed different.

It seemed like there were fewer cars.

"Aha!" I cried out. "I have caught "Emily in Paris"! They are making Paris look better by having no cars on the streets!"

This seemed very important at the time. I was going to exhaustively prove here in my award winning blog that cities without cars are better, a thing that no one I know disagrees with, but, I RUN IN A SELECT CROWD!

So I immediately, well, not immediately, but after watching several more episodes and sleeping for nine hours, I immediately started gathering material for my thesis. I tracked down "Emily in Paris" locations and inspected how they really are in the photos of Google Street View.



They are more or less the same as in the show.


Maybe that's why Paris seemed pretty great in person.

I rest my case.

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