Friday, December 10, 2021

Pike Island: Portrait of the deer


While our expedition to Pike Island has been increasingly concerned with deer, and while you have seen in this space an increasing number of pictures of deer, starting with glamorously lit pictures of deer at a distance, and then, suddenly, an also glamorously lit deer, but very close up, I have only begun to scratch the surface of all these deer. I still have plenty of deer pictures for you. Because when I finally came upon the deer of Pike Island they were everywhere. They were all around me. And the more time I spent among them the more relaxed they became around me. And I might have relaxed a little myself.

Still, as much as I'd like to say the deer and I became friends, I have to admit that an hour among them was not adequate for such a thing. Nevertheless we did strike up an acquaintance, and they did let me take their portraits.

Which is why today is Deer Portrait Day. I took, as you will see, a fair handful of formal deer portraits. 

And in the process I learned what all naturalists learn, over and over, but have a hard time talking about: 

All animals are individuals.


  1. Beautiful pictures, to be sure. Hanging out with deer, I hope you are taking precautions regarding ticks. My brother-in-law was struck down with Lyme disease about a month ago, followed by a second tick-borne disease. He's doing OK now, but it's been a slow recovery. I wouldn't want you (or anyone) to go through this.

    You're probably on beyond deer now, but do be careful.

    1. Thank you for your concern. To be honest I think late fall was pretty safe with everything bare and open (and with little to no bushwhacking) and me all swaddled in clothes, so I seem okay. As for now, it's all a foot of snow here, so unless there are snow ticks (yikes!) I think it's good til Spring.

  2. Probably no ticks. We're not sure when/where my BIL got his. And deer have Covid? Well, why not? There was a story somewhere yesterday about two hippos with it!

    These pictures are great!


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