Monday, December 13, 2021

Pike Island: The turkeys


So where we last left it, I had been adopted into a herd of Pike Island Deer. And I was taking their pictures in a friendly, communal sort of way, when I looked up to find that a flock of turkeys had decided to come hang out with us deer!

The turkeys mingled with our herd!

I laughed out loud. 

No one minded.

As you have seen I didn't get great pictures of the mingling turkeys with the deer, but I hope you can see here that they did indeed mingle! The turkeys just waded right in amongst the deer.

Eventually the deer all slowly tottered off up the island. 

The turkeys followed along in their wake. 

I got a couple of clearer pictures of them as they went. I'm better with portraits.

And then I let them all go on their way. "Miles to go" and all that.

 Plus, in the end, I'm not really a deer.

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