Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Six Stories


Working with my diverse sources of imagery I have been putting together pictures over the past few days. The funny thing is that I work on these for hours and hours and hours, and when I come here to present all my work it can be a little surprising that in all that time it turns out that I have only produced a total of six pictures.

Beyond time and style and tools, there isn't a lot to link up all these pictures. One of the greatest Children's book illustrators and writers, Chris Van Allsburg, whose work I have stolen a bit of in the past and surely will steal more of in the future, wrote a book called The Mysteries of Harris Burdick that has a series of compelling, somewhat inscrutable illustrations, and mostly leaves the reader to come up with their own stories to them. So, because that seems fairly easy, and a useful solution to my problem, that's what I'll do today myself, though obviously not as well.

Nevertheless here are my six pictures and whatever inscrutable caption I can now come up with for each one. 

Write your own story as you please.

Only by continuing to canoe could they keep the pond from freezing.

Late that day he would save his life, and then have his life saved.

The old car looked just as it was even though it was exactly 75 years later.

Whatever was down there was very, very large indeed.

Even the mice in the snowy fields suddenly stood on their hind legs and danced.

They never thought they'd make it there, and they felt a triumph in it just before the danger of the situation sank in.

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