Thursday, December 2, 2021

They're just loans


I suppose I have a reputation for speaking my mind here at the library. But a person can't do a half-decent job of customer service without knowing the many, many things not to say.

A man came up to me at the front desk of the library. He had a book he wanted to renew. The computer wouldn't let me renew it because it had already reached its maximum of three checkout periods. He'd had the book for nine weeks. 

But I'm fairly indulgent on this matter, so I said "It looks like you've hit your maximum of two renewals, but I'm going to go ahead and override that and renew it one more time so you can have it for another three weeks. I'm just letting you know because you definitely won't be able to renew it again in three weeks."

He didn't say thank you, or anything like that. He said, in a well put out frame of voice "What am I supposed to do if I still need it in three weeks?"

I didn't say "Buy a copy."


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