Sunday, January 9, 2022

I answer your cold weather questions


A couple days ago I went for a walk in the 249 kelvins weather (or for you Fahrenheit cultists, that translates to minus eleven degrees). Today I am going to answer some questions about this extreme weather and about some of my earlier comments regarding it. These are your questions, you just don't know you're going to be asking them yet.

1. What of your person got coldest?

First it was my right ear, which was quickly stinging in the wind. But then I swaddled my head better in two hats and a down hood, making my glasses completely unusable from all their fogging up, and hurting my neck a good deal, but still worth it in the end. After that my legs were coldest with only two layers to protect them. They didn't sting. I was just very aware of them. In the end my toes were starting to hurt an alarming amount.

2. Did you really see no people on your long walk?

I guess I could see some people in cars if I had glasses? Here are some representative pictures of all the emptiness:

3. Was the river all frozen? Could you walk on it?

No. It was mostly frozen. I guess because of currents and warmer, underground contributions, and other reasons I can't think of to invent, the ice of the Mississippi is unstable and there are always some open leads of steaming water. I would not dare to walk out on the river, even at 249 kelvins, even with the river looking like this (or maybe because it looks like this?):

4. You mentioned many common animals you didn't see. Did you see any animals at all?

None until I was very near the end of my walk, when I saw, cowering against the side of a bridge, pigeons.

5. Do I have anymore questions about the extreme cold?

Only that one you just asked.

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