Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Copse Week again again again again


No, Copse Week is not over. But we can see the end of it from here.

Do you remember that copse picture when we looked at the copse from the side, back into another stand of trees that spilled down a hill behind it? Even I, who have spent many hours with our copse, could not tell for sure which were our four trees.

Once I wanted Copse Week to last forever, but now I understand. To live is to move and grow and change, and sometimes you may find yourself on the other side of those trees, and suddenly they are all different. But you can walk around one more time if you want. 

Our only job is to be ready for what is happening right now.

Or maybe our only job is to time our 15 minute break properly so that they always seem to be happening exactly where we are.










Do you know how many words the Inuit have for ice and snow?

Me neither. But if they keep walking through it they will eventually come to a small group of trees. 

A copse.

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