Saturday, March 5, 2022

Copse week has already begun!


It has been pointed out to me that our comprehensive FAQ on Copse Week didn't actually provide any useful information.

That's fair, I guess.

And many people wanted to know: 

Is it Copse Week right now?

It is. 

You can tell by the picture of a copse.

"What picture of a copse?" You ask.

It's coming. Oh boy is it coming.

And the truth is that Copse Week is not like other times on clerkmanifesto. There may be a picture of a copse posted at any time, anywhere, anyhow.

And I realize I said "a copse", but I should have said "the copse" because these are all different pictures of just one singular copse, taken in a variety of manners from a variety of vantage points.

A lot of people are now asking me "Why didn't you just edit the "a" to a "the" then?

And the answer is:

It's just another special thing we do here during Copse Week.

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