Thursday, March 3, 2022

Copse week


We've been talking a lot about copses on this blog lately.

Sensitive, as I can be, to my readership, I have approached this unglamorous subject with caution, fearing that talking about copses, and showing endless pictures of them, might be off-putting. And so when in the vagaries of life I was compelled to post yet again about copses, my titles have been along the lines of the following:

"One last picture of a copse (sorry)"

"Just another bit about copses but I swear it's really good!"

"I know that I said yesterday was my last copse picture, but I have just one more small one today and then I'm done!"

"Win a million dollars by reading this paragraph about copses!" (I'm sorry about that one. It might not have been entirely honest about the full amount of the prize money).

But it turns out, to my surprise, that I haven't really lost all that many readers despite my relentless barrage of copse pictures and copse commentary. 

Oh sure, I lost all the readers I added after my post:

"Five Times George Clooney went too far!"

And gone too is the new reader I got after my bombshell post:

"It's one of the world's most fattening foods, but studies now show it actually makes you lose weight!"

These people are gone on now to more copse-free blogs.

But you know what?

I don't care! 




My name is Feldenstein Calypso and I am a copse lover!

Not only that, but I now have like a hundred pictures of a copse that I particularly like.

Yes, it is not even a variety of copses I photographed, it is simply one really nice copse, presented from assorted angles, with different effects, weather, and lighting.

And so then, this week it is...

Copse Week.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I don't know why I laughed. It's just a small grouping of four trees. It's not really funny.

Tune in tomorrow to learn all about copse week.

In the meantime, wet your whistle on this!

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