Sunday, March 6, 2022

I tell you more about our copse

Deep as we are now, in the heart of Copse Week, I am starting to hear a lot of questions about the nature of our featured copse.

Our featured copse has four trees. This is the minimum legal number of trees for a copse, although I have seen a few very clever trios of trees pull off being a copse.

To be honest I'm not sure there are any actual laws about copses.

And that's just how they like it! 

Sometimes due to angle or background or framing our copse looks to have fewer than four trees, and sometimes it appears to have more than four trees.

But no, it is a copse of four trees.

For a special Copse Week activity why not try counting the trunks below?


  1. I think I learned the word copse when I was learning SAT vocabulary. You didn't know the SAT was that old, did you? I've always thought it a rather creepy word because of its similarity to corpse. And I just noticed that blogger thinks it is misspelled or non-existent. All it offers is copes, cops, and cope.

    1. Ha! Yes, well I like the word copse figuring the whole 'corpse' thing isn't its fault. SATs were huge when I was in High School, but I don't hear much tell of them around here. I don't know if that's a regional thing or not. I think I got 1170 which was good, not great? I didn't study and I'm not sure it ended up mattering much for getting into art school in the 80's.


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