Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Copse Week response


The letters have started pouring into the clerkmanifesto offices. Everyone is wanting to share their thoughts on our exciting Copse Week. 

Letters have come to us by carrier pigeon. They have been stuffed into boxes of Cream of Wheat. And they mysteriously appear at midnight, written in blood on our walls. 

Numerous letters regarding Copse Week have been tweeted to us by Rob Lowe. Messages have shown up in our shoes when we take them off at night, and sometime we even find very tiny ones lodged between our toes. Letters are baked into loaves of bread, and some letters have contrived to be part of the text of the old Rex Stout books we are reading, though how that was done I will never know. We have seen letters about Copse Week crash through the ceiling, strapped to small meteorites. 

Once I even found a brief letter written into the fog on my glasses.

It turns out that most, though not all, people are quite liking Copse Week. 

But there is one thing upon which everyone writing is agreed...

They like that it has never gotten silly.

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