Thursday, March 10, 2022

We put one more little Copse here


After putting together all my many Copse Week posts, with all their many pictures, I found a couple more copse pictures. And feeling that one can never have too many pictures of copses, even when they're all of the same copse, I decided to squeeze them in wherever I could find space. 

It was not easy to find space!

Copse Week is packed!

Between the parties, and blog posts, and Television Specials with Judy Garland, and the parades, and the sock hops, and the special Sunday Supplement in the newspapers, I was very lucky to find this little spot available for one more copse picture.

There is so little room even still that I had to use a picture of just the left half of the copse.

But you know what the motto of Copse Week is?

Me neither, but it probably has something to do with copses.

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