Tuesday, May 17, 2022

My favorite co-worker


I was out with my friend Jim, taking him for sushi on his birthday. Once we worked together at the same library branch, but he long ago moved on to other branches in our system. Making conversation, and being a bit cheeky, I asked him who his favorite co-worker was at his branch these days. It threw him for a loop, but then he named a couple people and countered with "Who's your favorite co-worker?"

What kind of question is that?!!!

I mean, seriously!

I gave a long speech about just how very many people I like just fine at my library and left it at that. One can never be too careful about expressing preferences.

Then the next morning I went in to work, and the first thing that met my eyes was our giant, 27 bin automated materials check in machine, dutifully processing library materials. Standing there, gazing lovingly at it, the thought suddenly surged through my head with an alarming clarity 

"This, This is my favorite co-worker!"

I mean, right after any co-worker who is reading this now.

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