Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Phoning it in


Sometimes, in the course of thousands upon thousands of consecutive daily blog posts I am suddenly seized with a temptation to phone one in. 

I'm not saying it's hard, or unrewarding, or not its own satisfaction to write out to you, out there in the ether, everyday, faultlessly, and without fail, for what surely must be inching its way towards ten years, but there are days where it does all get away from me a bit. There are days where I wait for inspiration and it doesn't come, or I am working on a picture project that isn't ready, or a new chapter is too much to write, or something suddenly comes up, and before I know it it is late in the evening and I feel the tang of creative stang.

Do you know what I mean?

Thank goodness!

And so then, in those low points, or those times of small trial, I think:

"Maybe just this one time I can phone it in."

And then I remember:

I'm actually quite good at phoning it in.

And that's what I'm usually doing anyway.

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