Sunday, May 1, 2022

Success in the stream!


I know that most people come to this blog, Clerkmanifesto, for its thoughtful takes on Men's Haberdashery, and I do look forward to the Philip Treacy Spring line of Hommes Chapeau, but while we are waiting for that I took some pictures of...

Wait for it...

My local stream!

I know you weren't crazy about the first 4,635 pictures I showed you of highly rendered close-ups of creek water, but you are going to go nuts for this one! I am sure of it.

99 percent sure.

Well, 99.9 percent sure.

Just, you know, really sure.

Plus, it's just one picture. Well, a warm up picture to sort of set the scene, and then an extravaganza of wonderfulness stream picture that you are going to love!

And then, from there, next post for sure, it's right on to the hats!

So my plan was to show you the single super good picture, but then I got, like, this brainstorm. What if I showed you a really good water picture from today. Then, while you're looking at that, you'll be all "Yeah, another one of these, I mean, they're fine, but aren't they all..."

And that's when I hit you, bam!, with the amazing one that you will 99.99 percent like tons. 

Then it's straight back to the couture millinery analysis that you are used to and that once caused Jane Taylor London to call me one of the top 20 hat bloggers in the upper midwest.

So here's the first everyday water photo:

I know, I know, it's fine. But what




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