Friday, June 3, 2022

Dark humor, in which we make fun of the Uvalde police


A library patron came up to the front desk bleeding from her arm.

"Can I have a band-aid?" She asked, keeping calm about the situation. "I cut myself on a table."

I expressed sympathy and got out our trusty and ancient first-aid kit that is held closed with a rubber band.

"Would you like an antiseptic towelette?" I enquired.

"No, a band-aid should be fine." She replied.

"How about two?" I asked, eying the hearty gash.

She eyed it as well. "Maybe that's a good idea." She answered.

I gave her two band-aids and took a look at what else was in our first aid kit because it's good to know, in case something... you know, happens.

One little tray in the kit was stuffed full of earplugs. I lifted them out and briefly looked at them.

Someone, the bleeding patron, or my desk partner, asked "What are the earplugs for."

"These," I replied "We hand out to the police when we have an active shooter in the library, so they don't have to be bothered by the screams while they wait outside."

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