Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Doctor appointment

I just wanted to prepare you by telling you that I am going to a doctor appointment today.

So if everyone could begin fasting now...

This doctor appointment is an annual check up. So I'm not going because there's anything wrong with me. Or, well, my back is messed up but I haven't found doctors can do anything about that. And I have a cracked tooth I think, but that's for my dentist appointment Wednesday. 

Mainly I'll be going to the doctor to see if I have to go to the doctor.


  1. Ha! I am going to the doctor today for a thingy that I hope isn't a thingy I need to return for or see another doctor about. I hope your doctor found no need for you to have gone to the doctor. Do you think there's any refund available?

  2. Those of us on Medicare call these annual appointments "well-baby check-ups." Do you youngsters have to remember three words and draw a clack face? If not, you're missing the fun parts. You should probably start practicing now.


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