Thursday, June 23, 2022

How we say goodnight here


Oh, hi. I'm just here at the front desk of the library. I'm trying to remain calm and enjoy the moment, or accept the moment, or not get super irritated at the moment. I'm doing okay. I helped a lot of people get library cards. This is not usually my favorite desk activity as it gets a little data entryish. But I simply reminded myself:

What would I be doing anyway during that time besides looking at the Internet? 

Have you seen the Internet lately?!

Oh, right, you're on the Internet right now!

How is it?

Well, but this isn't at all normal for the Internet. Like, do you feel vaguely angry? 

Yeah, I'm not really sure you're on the real Internet. 

Anyway, we digress! So, after registering library cards I took some pictures of grizzly bears from a grizzly bear book in the Friends of the Library Bookstore. Then I sent a lot of people to get help from librarians because it was appropriate to the context- the context being that it wasn't anything fun to help them with and it was the librarians' job anyway. Then I helped some people with directions and some no library card check outs. Then I made a closing announcement for 20 minutes to go.

And just like that most of what I was doing was saying goodbye to library patrons as they slowly started floating away.

You are wondering what that was like?

It was like:

My blog post for the day is almost over now. Thank you so much for coming. It was a real delight to have you here. Take care, have a good night, and maybe I'll see you tomorrow.

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