Friday, June 24, 2022

Key word: Grizzly


Yesterday, during a pleasant chat we had at the front desk of the library (I mostly talked), I let drop something like a teaser suggesting that some grizzlies might show up soon in clerkmanifesto.

Naturally you wondered "Will this be the first appearance of grizzlies in clerkmanifesto?"

It may be the first pictures of grizzlies here, as I don't run into them that often, but a keyword search shows me that grizzlies have shown up here in clerkmanifesto half a dozen times. I suppose that over the course of nine or ten years my dream of clerkmanifesto becoming its own private library kind of snuck up on me and became true. Grizzly is pretty random, but hit the link below and you will find a reasonably characteristic clerkmanifesto post:

Of course, once there, in the upper left corner is a search box and a person can use it like its own, strange google universe. I randomly typed in "pickle" and got directed to three historical posts. I offer this all not as a suggestion though, just a comment on my own discovery.

My grizzly pictures below didn't come out in a completely cohesive way. For one thing a couple other animals showed up in the grizzly book and made their way into my pictures. For another thing, even though my plan was to put all the grizzlies into the environment of my library, some of the grizzlies were happier along the trails of my local river.

One last thing before our pictures today; If a grizzly bear charges at you that means that you are reading my blog in the wilderness, which is super neat! So thanks. 

Oh, also the charge is an affectionate bluff. 

All grizzly bears like you.

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