Tuesday, June 14, 2022

More library hijinks


This is a very, very slight sketch I dreamed up in the ample, aye voluminous time I had at the front desk of the library this afternoon while a woman searched endlessly for her card. It goes something like this:

Patron: I would like to check out these items please.

Me: Sure. I just need your library card.

Patron: (Rifling around in her purse for a long time) Hmmm. I usually always put it in this same spot.

Me: That's okay. Take your time.

Patron: (Continues digging in purse for so long I begin to regret my encouraging comment). I'm sure I put it in here! It was just in here yesterday.

Me: If you can't find it I can use an I.D. instead.

Patron: Oh. That's great! Now let me see. My license should be right here. (Digs around in her purse some more, with both hands up to elbows. It's not going well). Where on earth is my license?

Me: Do you have anything? I can really use any kind of I.D., a credit card maybe? A piece of mail I could probably work with?

Patron: (Continues rooting around in bag). Well surely I have something. Ugh! (Roots about in her purse for quite a long time).

Me: A scrap of paper with your name on it? A monogrammed keychain?

Patron: (Continues looking fruitlessly). I can't believe this!

Me: Do you have anything, anything at all in that purse?

Patron: (Lifts up purse, turns it over, and shakes it over the counter.) Nope, nothing. It's completely empty.

End scene.

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