Saturday, June 11, 2022

Shangri-La visited

In a recent post I discussed the miraculous discovery of a broad, concealed path along the Mississippi River, hidden in plain sight, that I had somehow missed over the past couple of decades. It is a lovely, quiet, grandly pathed secret world, still, even as a giant city roars all around it. It was a little funny of me to have no photographs of it to illustrate it when I spoke of it. I, who cannot stop from showing you every detail of my little local river worlds somehow omitted that. 

But the thing is, my little Shangri-La isn't terribly photogenic.

Like so many magical things, it refuses to resolve on film.

But as you are probably aware, I have contrived a fix for that sort of thing.

The same trick I use at the library, for various light and dark purposes, I employ here in bringing this Shangri-La to life so that you can see it. 

You deserve to see it.

I will be splitting my pictures in half over today and tomorrow. The division is random, and really just a method for parceling out my efforts. 

I do hope these pictures can give off a little of the charm of the place, which is subtle, but prodigious. 

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