Friday, June 17, 2022

The less content you have the more you have to say


I try not to get too worked up about it...

My job is at the library, but I work for The County.

The County has a big new... thing, and we at the library are part of the pilot for this... thing.

So there was an hour long Zoom about it today. I was supposed to go to it, I think. So I went to it.

There were two ladies that looked alike on the Zoom. One was sort of a younger version of the other. They talked for an hour about the new project that we're the pilot for. There was also a bald man who was part of the two lady team, but he only talked when the time was up.

The term "People Leaders" was used.

And that's pretty much it. 

I have no idea what any of it was about. 

But no worries. 

There will be two more one hour sessions about it next month.

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  1. Oh, you have my sympathy! There are so many things our public officials could be maybe looking for other jobs?...and instead they make work for others. Be brave. You did that long hike (at least, I think you really did it) so you can handle a few useless hours


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