Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The three-letter code


This is the merest trifle from today's library work, but if I can't share the small things here then...

Hmm, nope, nothing occurs to me. 

So let's workshop it! 

If I can't share the small things here with you then...

1. ...we may end up clogging the Internet.

2. ...you the reader may begin to fear reading clerkmanifesto because you can't take the intensity of having your mind blown EVERY SINGLE DAY!

3. ...they will probably end up all over the floor here and someone could slip on them.

Thank god we're done with the workshopping. You can choose any concluding phrase above, or, for fun, make up your own.

So here's what happened. We file requested books with a slip featuring a three-letter code made of the first two letters of a library patron's last name followed by the first letter of the person's first name; Feldenstein Calypso = CAF, cause I sure like my coffee! Sometimes these three-letter codes spell out something. This isn't enough to create anything amusing out of the situation (see "CAF" comment above). But sometimes, when the three-letter code is combined with the right requested book or movie that the slip is placed in, it creates a sudden frisson!

That's what happened today.

Someone requested a season of the TV show called "Mom".

The request slip read:


Maybe "frisson" was too strong a word?

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