Saturday, July 16, 2022

All the animals of shadow falls

Due to my back problems, heavily exacerbated by my cruel and cartoonish fall at Shadow Creek, I have not been carrying my camera with me on my wilderness walks. I have my phone camera, but it doesn't quite cut it for the demands of epic wilderness photography. For instance last week I saw a large, gorgeous turkey down by the river, in the area I call Shangri-La. Did I take a picture with my phone? Sure, but I can't find it now because it just looks like a random shot of riverside greenery.

I'm sure there's a turkey in there somewhere.

Unless it was one of my many shots of random greenery?

No matter. I did what I always do:

If I can't find the picture I want to take, I make the picture of the picture I want to take.

And so, with that said, here from this morning's walk, are the many animals I ran into down by the Shadow Creek.

Well, not all of the animals. There were mosquitoes too, but I would not dignify them with a picture.


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