Wednesday, July 20, 2022



At my job we are part of a pilot program for the county called something like "Performance Management". So far it has consisted of dozens, possibly hundreds of emails, cancelled meetings, required meetings, handouts, and workbooks. All of these, so far, seem to be primarily about how important and valuable this "Performance Management Pilot Program" is.

It's super important and valuable.

Today I was assigned a 45 minute video about how feedback is good.

That's the theme: Feedback is good.

I was sitting here at the computer, scrolling my phone and poking at some pictures while the two Consultant types nattered on about feedback in the lengthy video that I had speeded up to 1.5 speed to help it along.

We came to the subject:

"The Five Levels of Listening"

I wasn't much paying attention, but I glanced at the screen.

1. was "Ignoring: not really listening at all."

I was kind of listening.

2. was "Pretending: 'Yeah. Uh-huh. Right.'"

I wasn't pretending.


3. was "Selective Listening: Hearing only certain parts of the conversation."

Then it says:

"We often do this when we're listening to the constant chatter of a pre school child."


and it also said:

"This also happens when we're trying to multi-task."

Oh my god, it was like they were looking into my very soul!

I don't remember what the last two kinds of listening were though. I guess I kind of tuned their constant chatter out.

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