Friday, July 15, 2022

In which we go to France


I have lately been doing a lot of photo organizing on my phone. There are so many thousands of pictures on there now that I can't even get to half of them when I am making my mash up photos. So I created two simple, new folders: one for featured subjects, like Snoopy, that I hadn't used yet, and one for backgrounds that I hadn't used. Sorting through all these pictures also made it more clear what I was missing from my collections. For instance, among my 600 or so background photos I found a shortage of European street scenes, and a glaring shortage of Impressionist painting scenes. 

Being at the library I looked around for likely library books to photograph from.

I found The Hundred Most Beautiful Villages in France and The Paintings of Mary Cassatt. Bingo.

As to the villages of France, they are featured in all of today's photographs; a mostly cheery and summery collection of French village scenes given a slightly mystical significance.

As to Mary Cassatt?

Yes, I know she painted a lot of Mother and Child pictures, but I didn't know this:

Of the 500 or so of her lifetime paintings, pretty much zero are landscapes of any kind.

A lovely painter though.

Anyway, here's my France:

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